Emily Gondosch 
Creating The Perfect Event

Emily brings a wealth of experience coming from a marketing and events background where she has quickly built a name for herself in the fine food, wine, and special events industries. She strives to bring a unique flair to each and every event that she plans and executes with great taste and enthusiasm.

Of recent, Emily has provided full event service for marquee brands such as Andretti Autosport, Movember Canada, and Corby Distilleries. She has organized a multitude of events across Canada and brings a distinctive filter for which to imbue her well connected and creative influence. Living and working in downtown Toronto allows Emily to constantly evolve her passion for food and entertaining as new restaurants, event spaces, and social trends blossom.

Connie Leis
Destination Management Refined

For the past 10 years, Connie Leis has worked as an Independent Trip Director, organizing and escorting groups to destinations across the globe. Her projects include Incentive/Recognition programs, Product Launches, Team Building Events, Meetings, Conferences and Conventions. She has an eye for detail, knows what questions to ask and understands the concept of “VIP TREATMENT”. Connie’s journey began working as an Assistant Cruise Director for Holland America and a Port & Shopping Lecturer for Carnival Cruise Lines. Now, her focus is to conceptualize high impact programs with an emphasis on EXTRAORDINARY and unique experiences. So, if you are looking for a yoga retreat in India, a private jet to The Super Bowl or an incentive program in Buenos Aires, Connie can make it happen!

Stacey Richards
Inspiration Maritime Style

It all started with the poster “SWAP: Students Working Abroad Program” and Stacey instantly fell in love with people, places and cultures. Since then she has visited 68 countries thanks to her social hostess and assistant cruise director days on some of the finest cruise ships in the world. On the flip side, she has been referred to as “corporate girl rocket” for her love of office work and corporate culture. She worked as a law clerk in Toronto, managed corporate sales at the Saint John Hilton and today she welcomes travelers as Operations Manager at the Atlantic Flight Centre. So, with that, “come on down, the tea’s on”! She’ll be there to welcome you to experience EDGE 3 maritime style – warm hospitality with the majestic backdrop of The Bay of Fundy.

Christofer Williamson
Recruiting & Onboarding Exceptional Employees

Chris is a communications expert and non-fiction TV producer-director whose work has appeared on CBC, Global, CTV, Discovery, History, Slice, YTV and Business News Network. With over twenty years’ experience as a freelancer in an industry where each new program requires the onboarding of new staff, Chris has significant expertise in the realms of talent scouting, interviewing, team building, goal and expectation-setting, and acclimating new hires to a company’s specific work processes and culture. His interest in organizational psychology and personal development has led him to create workshops on conflict resolution, working with different personality types, and uncovering your “best self” at work. A dynamic public speaker, Chris is a frequent guest lecturer at Ryerson University.

Grahame Wood
Flawless Execution

Grahame lives in Hollywood, California, as a writer/producer/actor. He has a series development deal under his belt, and has now moved on to developing a history/travel series that he will host. Grahame has worked as an actor on such films as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and THE PATRIOT and knows firsthand how valuable artists can be to a company through role-playing workshops. As an event manager at BOOM! Marketing, Grahame conducted interactive training programs and believes that effective leadership begins with leading by example. His keen attention to detail, outstanding customer service and flawless execution are just some the traits he passes on to the team. Having worked with the charitable wings of CAMPBELL COMPANY OF CANADA and CANADIAN TIRE, Grahame is a big believer in the adage, doing good is good business.


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