“Great people are very hard to find…those that combine passion for their vocation with an innate brilliance that lets them see the best path forward, all within a work ethic that is defined by the adage; if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. David Graham is one of those rare and remarkable people. The thing that really elevates Dave beyond all of these already remarkable people, however, is his grace and kindness as a person. Whether you are client, a colleague or someone passing in the hall, you can’t avoid this  personal force field of positive energy. My admiration for this man is unqualified and complete.”

David W Sharpe, Partner, 6degrees Integrated Communications

“Working with Dave everyday for 6 years was truly a fantastic experience.  His devotion to superior client service, combined with exceptional leadership, development & training of our ambassador network, helped elevate BOOM! Marketing to an industry leading experiential marketing agency.  In the field and at events, you could always count on Dave to bring the vision to life with his make it happen determination, ensuring each and every event generated excitement for all consumers alike.”

Linsey Ferguson, Group Account Director, BOOM! Marketing

“I have worked with David Graham in two countries across two decades, and never have I met a leader who was better at understanding and adopting his client’s passion for their product or service.  As a director of training, he exemplifies the Disney ethic that others often ignore at their peril: put your staff first, and they will put the customer first.  If you can work a week with David Graham and not learn anything, you’re in the wrong business.”

Grahame Wood, Writer & Event Manager 

“I have had the pleasure to work with David over the past few years on the development and execution of various cause and brand building initiatives. David is a positive, dedicated, detailed individual who has the ability to successfully oversee large scale events, while commanding the respect of those around him. He pro-actively provided solutions to potential issues, was flexible to changing priorities, all while ensuring that our events met our objectives and standard for execution.”

Vanessa Clarke,  Shopper Marketing Manager, Campbell Company of Canada

“When David and I work together, I know that I will get the best service, the highest quality outcomes, and have a great time along the way. He is dedicated and energetic, efficient and creative and finds a solution to any problem thrown his way. If you need help bringing an idea to life, executing an event or delivering against a deadline, David is the guy you want to be partnered with.”

Carolyn Solby, Director, Marketing and Communications, Canadian Tire Jumpstart

David Graham was the consummate brand representative supported by the fact that national clients continually requested he be assigned to their event or promotion. He is engaging, asks the right questions and has a tremendous work ethic; going up and above in order to service clients. I planned to clone David as a DWP brand representative but couldn’t find affordable technology. David has moved on in his career to manage/coordinate events and has made a career using his initiative to communicate the “message” while still applying his own personal touch.

Diana Williams – President – Diana Williams Promotions Limited

“I had the pleasure of working with David Graham at BOOM! Marketing. Dave is one of the most enthusiastic individuals I’ve ever worked with. His positive personality is infectious and his presentation skills are nothing short of admirable. Dave is a true motivator with compassion for all the people around him.”

Leslie Barrow, Casting & Staffing Director, STAFF NATION

“In my 10 years of experience in event marketing, David Graham is far and away the best project manager I have worked with. His events are always a stand out, because of his passion for his work and the people he works with. A consummate professional, he prepares and inspires his team to succeed. David’s events are extremely well organized and he is always available to problem solve. He brings out the best in those he works with and in turn, they work tirelessly for him. Regardless of the project, if David Graham’s name is attached to it, you know it’s going to be a winner.”

Trevor Martin, Actor/Comedian

“I would work with David Graham anywhere, anytime. He is a true leader. He understands the value of both delegation and ownership and he cares truly about his team in any situation. This world is full of people who can talk the talk but David can always walk the walk. He is a hard worker, a giving soul, and a true gem. He just gets it RIGHT.”

Amanda Barker, Actor/Yoga Instructor

“David is a forward thinking, man of action, who brings excitement and energy to his work, simply put he can make the mundane exciting and is a pleasure to work alongside.

Marco Timpano, Actor/Comedian


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